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First Goal
Remodel and pay for headquarters building

Thank you partners for your generous donations to our building fund which is helping to enable us to open on schedule a center for hurting people. It will take according to plan $180,000 to complete the task and I know that God is able to get the job done because he pays for what he orders. We are into Kingdom building and as messy as this profession can be at times, it is the number one reason we are working this hard because it involves dealing with the toughest, yet most priceless, product of all: people!

Some ask, Why are you entering into a vocation with so much adversity against you from the start? The answer is simple: It is my calling. It is my passion. I have gone through the pain of being rejected by the military that I loved for years and becoming injured to the point that I could no longer continue my career had no way to experience a debriefing that would allow me to recover until years of separation and much anger and hurt ensued. Many of my brothers and sister veterans are experiencing the same things to the point that they are committing suicide at an alarming rate on average of 22 per day. That is unacceptable in this country. That is unacceptable on my watch. As long as God gives me breath in my body and a mind to continue to help one more family, I will until he calls me home to be with him. 

Seeing lives changed because of Jesus Christ's redeeming work on the Cross drives me to persevere another day. At the end of the day I am blessed to be able to say that it was worth living one more day because one more life was changed!!! That is what keeps me going... Although many classify this job as tough and thankless, I undeniably admit that it is most rewarding. 

Once again, thank you to all of our partners who share in this vision, laying aside your own life for the sake of serving and caring for the spiritual health of others who are at their wits end. Your gifts make it possible for those crying out for Jesus to tie a knot in the rope and hold on. As I write this thank you note tears are welling up in my eyes with much gratitude for you because this endeavor is much greater than I am and it cannot be achieved without God moving on your hearts to support. Please contact me the Founder and Pastor of Jubilee Family Outreach Center if you have any questions. You can also go to our facebook group page to join and leave your comments. Love you all in the Name of Jesus our Lord...

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W. O. Little Foundation E2E
JFEC was organized to provide a safe haven
 for veterans and families by using government resources that maximizes support for targeted audiences
 in Rockingham, Mecklenburg, and Durham Counties in North Carolina.
JUBILEE International & O'Haras BBQ were both organized as support for Jubilee Family Event Center


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Obama Foundation one of my main resources


Dear Wess, 

22 veterans each day on average commit suicide. It’s been this way for a while now, and more needs to be done to prevent it.

The Department of Veterans Affairs recently announced new steps to continue the fight to end veteran suicide, including:

  • Increased mental health screening via regional tele-mental health hubs
  • Enhanced work with the Department of Defense to help veterans in transition
  • Launching a new study on the impacts of deployment and combat on veterans
  • Using predictive modeling to help increase early intervention for at-risk veterans

These are all positive steps forward, but increased prevention of veteran suicide starts with you, Wess. Veterans who are contemplating taking their own lives are in a particularly delicate state, and feel there is no other way out.

I want you to pass this email along to anyone you know, because you never know who it might reach. It could even save a life. If you know a veteran who’s experiencing difficulty, or who might consider harming himself, please refer them to the Veterans Crisis Line now.

In 2015, Disabled Veterans National Foundation funded 34 different programs and initiatives, most of which were geared in some way towards increasing veterans’ mental health. Our next round of grant funding will be announced at the end of April, and will also be focused on the mental and physical health of veterans.

You can help to support this effort....

Thank you for your commitment to supporting veterans. Together, I hope we can end suicide for the men and women who’ve protecting us from danger at home and abroad.


Joseph VanFonda (USMC SgtMaj Ret.)




Mission and Purpose
Providing a safe haven for veterans, transitioning service members and their families allowing them to thrive by ensuring they have what they need to live and prosper in the State of North Carolina

Thank you for your donations:

How Can You Help?


“Everyone is asking for money” or at least it seems like it. But the fact is without money we can’t do what we do. Money enables us to fill the fuel tanks of vehicles. Money enables us to purchase the supplies needed for those in immediate need. Money enables us to purchase equipment and properly care for the equipment we have. Money enables our entire operation.

Eight Dollar Hope

Our greatest need is you!  A simple partner commitment of $8 per month enables us to be fully equipped with proper supplies and equipment to assist a family as soon as they are identified as in need of our services. A  monthly flow of provision will drastically cut down on our precious resource . . . time.

To become a partner, simply sign up through our Paypal provider and select the recurring payment option

Click HERE to Donate

Do we have a clue of the need here? Please watch these videos... We will soon be adding our own videos of the difference that we are making in the world today!!!


Watch all videos, thanks....


Our Focus - 

Depression among Homeless  Veterans Key Risk Factor for Suicide 

Let's also remember the older veteran who still have rights to the same care. Suicide is a leading cause of non-natural death among older veterans. Rates of suicide among veterans are nearly double that of the general population. Many veterans struggle with mental health problems, including posttraumatic stress (PTSD), drug or alcohol abuse, and depression as a result of having been in combat. With increased access to firearms and knowledge of how to use them, these individuals are more likely to act on suicidal thoughts when they occur. Additionally, older veterans, many of whom are unemployed and impoverished, often remain isolated, and if they do attempt suicide, will likely be left unattended for long periods of time, making their chances of survival even slimmer. Sadly, veterans struggle with other issues that can result from their mental health problems, including homelessness. These individuals are more likely to suffer with mental and physical health problems and poverty because of their homelessness. The U.S. Department of Veterans Affairs estimates that nearly 75,000 veterans are homeless, many of who are older and at significant risk for suicide.

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Thank you for your order.
Proceeds help to support Event Center

Ask yourselves though what is the meaning of this day and how or what can I do to embrace this day.: