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Getting Families Healthy & Busting Debt

2 to 5 Year Plan or 40, 40, 40 Plan


(A) With the 2 to 5 year plan, we work consistently hard one time building our dream for a period of 2-5 years following our successful plan and we never have to work another day in our life. 

(B) With the 40, 40, 40 Plan, you work for 40 hrs. per week doing what you are told building someone's dream for 40 years to retire if you are lucky and live on less than 40% of what you could not live on before retirement. Many folk do not have a retirement plan, eat up 401k or gets fired just before retirement so the company will not be responsible for paying retirement.

 Which plan is best for you and your family?


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1st Goal is to become a Total Life Changes Director with residual weekly income

UOP Total Life Changes Getting Started Training w/ Gregg & Lenika Scott

Binary Qualified

Build your organization - FID Foundation Identify Duplicate
Block of 7

Build to Director in groups of seven

Getting to Director


Left                                                                   Right

                   358 TeamWess group members ordering tea

    40 Tea Parties  5 - 15 attendees - Book a meeting from a meeting
Build in groups of seven

 20 Binary groups

40 Smartships Left                                                                          40 Smartships Right

5ea $1,500 Inventory Left                                                                5ea $1,500 Inventory Right
Order your inventory after you become a CEO and get your 50% discount immediately
Start your Tea Parties with your inventory doing retail sales at parties
Start Book a Meeting from a Meeting

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