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POWERFUL TESTIMONY from Total life Change's President and Master Distributor, Armand Puyolt - A MUST LISTEN!!!♥♥♥ As a survivor... My only Mission is to help who wants to LIVE. No matter where you are in the world. I Can Help You! I know your pain. People give up with life at the first sight of cancer. And that is wrong. Cancer CAN BEAT YOU if you give up on LIFE FAITH & HOPE. In 2010 I was given 6 months of life to live. Had Gastric Cancer and also a Malign Tumor between my heart and lungs. Today 5 years later to the day I AM ALIVE!!! And what is best my latest body scan is clear of all traces of cancer Did it with no radiation. Or chemo. Just natural products. Why... Because I never stopped looking for a way! God never put an expiration date on you. You should stop acting as you do. Live your life to the fullest. Enjoy your kids and spouse. Love them. Love your life. And NEVER EVER. EVER GIVE UP! Now these amazing plats will impact this world . TLC24/7!!!!! Armand Puyolt President & Master Distributor Of Total life Changes Armand Puyolt Stopped Cancer Dead in its Tracks by using: TLC NutraBurst TLC Chaga TLC Gano
Video made in 2015

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