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Hello New Client, 

Thank you for inquiring on our AMAZING TEA and can not wait to see and hear your results! 

Personal Tea-ti-mony from our customers and partners:  "Since using the Iaso tea  I no longer gain weight, I no longer have IBS".  "No longer have Acid Reflux", "I no longer have body aches, mood swings, night sweats nor frequent hot flashes. Plus at 53, my complexion has never looked better!"  .."Can't believe Doctor took me off all my diabetes meds!!!".  So glad its gentle enough to use everyday of the year! ."I didn't know I felt so bad till this tea made me feel so good." .."I didn't lose 5 lbs in 5 days, I lost 7 & some belly fat too, lol!" .... "Its apart of my daily routine and can't see ever letting it go!"  

Our tea is  made of 9 all natural herbs only.  No laxatives and anything harsh.  Its so Organic, its even safe for kids. Many kids have experienced weight loss with it.  Child obesity is on the rise with all the processed foods so if you know of anyone that has a child struggling with their weight. This is a great, easy way for them to loose the pounds.
Even though its a detox tea, many experience weight loss with this product like 5 lbs in 5 days! Everyone's body is different so some release weight in 1st week and some don't, but EVERYONE gets a great Detox and if used past a week will likely experience weight loss. So many are reporting they have improved blood pressure, blood sugars, sleep, energy, and so much more. Just Google "Total Life Changes Iaso Tea" and you will see the many testimonies and other Before/Afters that are mind-blowing!
It is very easy to make and the instructions are on the back of the package.   

Each package has 2 tea bags in it that makes a Gallon of tea, a week supply.  Go get a gallon jug of water, pour 1 quart out into a pot, bring to a roaring boil, then take the pot off the stove.  Then drop the 2 tea bags in the pot, cover and let sit on stove for 4-6 hours ( I do at least 6).   Then while the tea is sitting on stove, put the rest of the water left in gallon jug in refrigerator to get cold.  At end of 6 hours, pour the tea mixture in measuring cup with a spout that makes it easy to pour BACK into the gallon jug that has the chilled water.    Then place cap on, swirl gently to mix tea mixture with cold water, then take the 2 tea bags from pot, gently fold over and drop into the gallon jug.   As the week goes on the tea gets a lil stronger but still always stay very mild tasting.  Keep the tea cold until ready to use it. Do not add anything to it unless its a lemon slice.. No sugar, honey or anything to sweeten. It taste like a light refreshing herbal water, barely any taste at all..   Drink 2 - 8 oz glasses of tea while eating lunch and dinner. Get a empty 16 oz water bottle that you can put tea in to carry with you if you have to be away from home for lunch or dinner.  Staying consistent with drinking it will give you the maximum results.


I now have the INSTANT detox tea that has a different formula but still gentle and all natural..   Pour one packet into 16-20 oz water bottle.   Put cap back on and gently turn bottle upside down and up for about 3 times and sit on counter.  It will completely dissolve itself within few mins.   For MAX results, drink 1/2 the bottle 30 mins before a meal or with the meal.  Then drink remaining 1/2 of bottle 30 mins before or with a meal.    If you forget to do before meals, then drink with the meal.

You can drink either version Hot or Cold.   But if you warm it, do on the stove.  Microwave kills the effect of the herbs.   DO NOT add sugar nor honey to your tea.   Lemon okay but best to just drink as is for maximum effect.  
The Tea is a gentle detox  that can be used 365 days if desired.   You will get detox from through increased urination and maximum release with bowel movements. Will not run you to bathroom all day with bowel movement.  If you regular already, you may not experience any more visits but it will smell different due to all of the years of trapped waste being released.  Whatever you usually do, you will do with the tea.  It cleans the cellular level, cleaning parasites, toxins, trapped waste. .  Also, if by chance you have IBS (Irritable Bowel Syndrome) , it will be such a relief to just be "regular"! 
IMPORTANT  ***Always drink plenty of water daily whenever you are detoxing.  Helps everything clean out with ease****    Also, weigh & MEASURE the largest area of your Abs  JUST before starting so you can personally track your WEEKLY results..
We all have years of trapped impurities in our system and it is strongly encouraged to detox for at least one month straight.    Once you see your great results from the tea, contact me or Wess so we can discuss, WHAT'S NEXT.

For FYI only, see my WOW product flyer that gives a lil details on some of our most powerful products and you can visit the website BUT DO NOT ORDER from it.  You will do that from Wess website if additional products are desired.
Thank you and we look forward to hearing your results...
Brenda D., Director
Independent Business Owner, Total Life Changes

How Many Calories can I eat?
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MUST EAT 1200 calories per day ONLY..  Most have to FORCE themselves to eat 1200 calories due to the suppressed appetite, but its important to eat it.  The 1200 calories work with the drops to turn your body into a fat burning MACHINE!

NO SUGAR, NO FRIED, NO FLOUR, NO ALCOHOL..  See attachment for approved foods.. Fruits, Veggies, Meat,  Nuts, etc okay......  Sugar Substitutes and SUGAR-FREE foods are okay!    Ezekiel flourless Breads are AWESOME & OKAY!

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