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Personal message from Wesley; We are not asking you to believe us, just try the products for yourself. This page is made for anyone who desires more information in order to make a decision to get started dumping dee poop to give your body a fighting chance for great health... I cannot say more except watch the video below, read the testimony and get ready to order your kit. Watch the video and send me your thoughts to my facebook page: or text me : 980.253.3219

This young man was taken off his medications by his doctor and when told what he was using the doctor said keep on doing what you are doing...what a testimony...what is your goal? do you have one? Ifyou could change one thing about your heatlh, body, energy or finances, what would it be?

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While in London I received some not so good news about one of my FAVORITE uncles. All I wanted to do was get home so I could love on him and take care of him.

On Wednesday 3/22/2017 I went to visit him for the first time since hearing the news. He looked like he was going to leave us at any second. I immediately told his daughter Alicia Timberlake-Mayfield to give me the Techui, Gano, Chaga, & Stem Sense that I had my husband take to them as soon as I heard the news. I gave him the product along with NutraBurst!

She gave me the TLC product and I gave it to him. And although we do not claim to Treat, Cure or Mitigate any sicknesses or disease I must say he started feeling much better about 30 mins later!

However he was still on all of his medication. High Blood Pressure medication, diabetes medication and several others. 10 different medications to be exact.

So he has been on my product for 6 days now. And taking his meds. His blood pressure dropped drastically and his diabetes dropped so low that he almost went into a diabetic coma.

This video is of him yesterday and today after being rushed to the hospital.


They said his nutritional health is amazing. I told the doctor what I was giving him and he said GREAT keep giving it to him since he has no appetite!

We have a long way to go but as long as I have breath in my body my Uncle Douglas Smith is going to be using them.

Please keep my Aunt Nae and Uncle Doug in your prayers. Every time you watch this video or share it you're sending out prayers for him.

The product I'm giving him is Techui, Gano, Chaga, Stem Sense & NutraBurst. I will start him on Iaso Detox Tea tomorrow!


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